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Wall Mount Green-winged Teal Pair Waterfowl Sculpture

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Green-winged Teal Pair Wall Mount
Price: $279.95
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Item Number: GWT2882WMTKG
Manufacturer: L L D
Manufacturer Part No: GWT2882WMTKG
Green-winged Teal Pair Wall Mount
"Bustin Out"

16.5"H x14"W x 10"D
Waterfowl Sculpture
Handcrafted resin sculpture
Hand-painted in the duck’s natural colors
Created from the original wood carving.
The perfect gift for anyone who loves wildlife

The Teal duck is the smallest dabbling duck in the Americas with an average length of 14”, and an
average weight of .65 lbs.  The drake has a cinnamon colored head with an iridescent green/purple
patch traveling from its eyes to the nape of its neck.  On the other hand the hen is mottled brown
with a darker line that travels from their beak through its eyes.  The teal is naturally a rapid and agile
flyer, which can often be found in boreal forest, grasslands, sedge meadows, and deciduous parklands. 

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